Designer villas are the pinnacle of uniqueness in architecture

Designer villas are the pinnacle of uniqueness in architecture

When you decide to invest in life, you want it to be something architecturally special, a unique modern construction. Designer villas present this particularity with their concept and someone has woven their knowledge and imagination into them, just as all the talent of the person who designed it is reflected in the work of art. Therefore, from the offer of the Casa Vita Agency, we single out four designer villas, which have a common feature - modern architecture, while at the same time each represents an amazing story that is specific only to the particular building. Enjoy their presentation and everything they represent and let them be your investment of a lifetime. 

Villa 1 

Real connoisseurs, who truly want to experience the charm of Istrian beauty, often choose locations in the interior, which are at the same time a few kilometers from the sea. Brtonigla is one of such locations and there this unique designer villa of 211 m2 is located, with four en suite bedrooms. In globally known documentaries or magazines, properties with large glass panes instead of walls are often presented, which let the beauty of the surrounding nature enter the interior. This is exactly the feature of this modern designed building, which is enriched with natural materials, such as wood and stone, and the border between the clean lines of the interior and perfectly decorated exterior is so thin and refined that it forms a perfect and compact whole. 

Villa 2 

When a designer plays with several styles and makes them compatible with indigenous Istrian elements, such as stone and wooden beams, a modern architectural uniqueness is created, just like this luxury villa in the vicinity of Poreč, with panoramic sea views. This 288 m2 big villa is surrounded by an L-shaped veranda with iron pillars, from which stairs, also made of iron, lead to the upper floor. This touch of industrial design is also visible in the interior, with the softness of the whole story given by numerous, warm tones of brown, giving a strong impression of luxury and carefully chosen details. Comfort, elegance and practicality are combined in this property, in a truly unique story that bears the stamp of uniqueness. 

Villa 3

Geometric lines give purity and sophistication of the design and the surrounding greenery complements the whole impression in this spectacularly beautiful villa near Poreč, which spreads over two floors and 203 m2. The dining room and living room are open space, while the horizontal glass rock looks like a screen towards the outside world and the beauty of nature that surrounds the entire building. The villa is enriched with numerous design details, such as a floating staircase leading from the dining room to the upper floor. The entire space is equipped with high quality furniture and high quality technology, and the heated pool and sauna are an additional bonus to the luxury and comfort of this special villa. 

Villa 4

An architectural masterpiece of modern construction awaits you in the vicinity of Poreč with its unique concept. The villa actually consists of five buildings interconnected by corridors, through the center of which passes a heated pool with a thermal cover. Moving from the front to the back of the house, the pool transforms into an outdoor whirlpool. The total area of ​​the villa is 250 m2, but each square is finished down to the smallest detail. This real estate is at the same time energy efficient, and conceptually, visually, technically and architecturally, it represents perfection, the very top of the scale in the world of real estate. 

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